Ascend ABQ

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from February 3, 2024


The application process is now open!

If you have any additional questions, please email us at:

It’s important to note that this application is primarily for gathering information and does not guarantee a deal for an Ascend ABQ Lease Agreement with the applicant.

We recommend that applicants provide a business plan, colored images or a catalog of their merchandise, and any other relevant information that could aid in evaluating their suitability for the program.

Applications are welcomed on an ongoing basis.


At Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ or the Sunport), our Ascend ABQ program is dedicated to enhancing the variety of food, beverage, and retail choices available. Our main goal is to feature unique and culturally significant products and services offered by small businesses looking to expand in the airport environment. Ascend ABQ is primarily an exclusive retail program, but it is also open to considering retail concepts that offer pre-packaged and pre-prepared food.

The Ascend ABQ program provides evolving and established small businesses with a short-term, low-risk leasing option for operating a Retail Merchandising Unit (RMU). This is designed to offer affordable and reachable opportunities for these businesses to enter the airport concessions industry. Participating in the Ascend ABQ program offers concessionaires a unique opportunity to market their company, brand, and products to a large audience of thousands of travelers. Additionally, they will gain the chance to network with a diverse group of business owners in the airport industry. This networking can open doors for expanding their business into other US airports, increasing ecommerce sales, and establishing wholesale accounts with other concessionaires. We strongly encourage and support the involvement of local, regional, and minority-owned businesses in this program.


The Ascend ABQ program features nine (9) concessionaires, assigned to the six (6) RM Us located throughout the airport. These units are in sync with the new Dream of Flight architectural design and branding. Notably, they are engineered to be versatile, allowing assembly in various configurations to suit a wide range of retail or service concessionaire concepts.

RMUs will be strategically positioned in high-visibility areas throughout the Sun port creating an opportunity to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Post-Security Locations

Great Hall Locations

Two (2) RMUs will be assigned to Ascend ABQ participants who are seeking to offer seasonal merchandise in the Great Hall. These units will be leased for up to a three (3) month period to ensure rotation of concepts and availability to the local community.


Under the Ascend ABQ Program, chosen participants are required to sign an Ascend ABQ Lease Agreement (referred to as “the Agreement”). This Agreement specifies the leasing terms and operating conditions that each Participant must follow, including all the leasing and financial obligations related to the RMU.

The lease has a minimum duration of three (3) months and can last up to a maximum of twelve (12) months. Ascend ABQ program participation is designed to be an internship, with concessionaires selected annually. Existing concessionaires and new applicants are evaluated annually, with a new class of concessionaires selected for each annual program run.


For questions related to the Ascend ABQ program, please contact: